Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I made this pendant. Do you like it? It's pitch black.

The yarn I used is a dark, dark black, so I had to overexpose my camera a little in order to show the stitches. 

Cuffs make things better. They add intrigue.

I need a lot more tapered, high-water pants. I would exclusively wear them if I had enough...but what is enough?

- Coat: vintage from Atlantis Attic
- Shirt: a thermal from a random discount store in Washington DC, I think.
- Necklaces: the gold one is from BlackStar, the green one is from a store in U Street, Washington DC but I forgot the name and the black one is hand-crocheted by me (the chain came from a necklace I already had).
- Belt: thrifted
- Pants: thrifted
- Socks: Uniqlo
- Shoes: vintage from Vice Versa

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