Monday, December 19, 2011

How I've Been Feeling Lately + Project

A slow churn, mentally.
Levitating thoughts, a revolving door. Simplicity is the key.

I said to myself the other day, "I just need to pick one," and so I did. The day went by fairly smoothly after that.

I currently have a few projects in progress. One is this soon-to-be rug.

I think I started it in April. As of December, I have about 13% of it done.

There were a few months where I didn't work on it at all, for various reasons. Each row takes about 1 1/2 - 2 hours, and it's physically taxing to make because I'm using a small, 4mm hook and am making very tight stitches. I actually had a blister develop on my hand because of it, and a few callouses on my fingers, as well.

Still, I really want to finish it.

I want to finish it because I need to finish what I started, and because the process of creating something so tedious and cumbersome is fascinating to me. The dream of stretching out on a handmade rug, one that took months (maybe years?) to create is wonderful.

I also want to finish it because the yarn I'm using is actually from past projects I never really wore, and unfinished projects tucked away in a craft bin. I want to recycle and reuse more often, and am also interested in the concept of zero-waste. This is a step toward exploring these ideas further. Once this is finished, I hope to do more large-scale projects using discarded or unwanted materials. Here is some of the yarn I'm using, mixed in a glass jar with felted beads:

I recently received the hook I am using from Clover, and it is amazing. I crochet very tight, with a lot of pulling effort. This hook cushions my hand a bit, relieving some of its stress. It makes for a much more enjoyable making experience.



  1. Hi, David,

    I really like the glass jar of woolballs. I am planning to make one for myself and start to make such a rug too, once I gathered enough woolballs and find a nice glass jar!:)

    1. Hi Yao,

      I'm so glad you like my glass jar :) Not only is it practical for keeping small balls of yarn, it also looks really pretty on my dresser. Once you find a glass jar and start filling it up with beautiful wool, please feel free to send me a picture. I'd love to see it, as well as the beautiful rug you will make with the wool, too :)