Monday, January 23, 2012


Last week, I went shopping at Purl Soho and at a few thrift stores in the Bronx. Here are two of the things I found.

- A picture book called "There Was A Hill" by Lark Carrier. The pictures are dreamy and beautiful, and I love its simple plot. Here's the beginning:

- A very large crochet hook. It's glittery and huge, and I want to make something huge with it. I don't what that will be just yet.


  1. Those colours are indeed, dreamy. They make me smile :)

    1. I'm glad they make you smile. They make me smile, too. I want to get some other children's books with great illustrations. Do you have any that you would recommend?

    2. Gosh... It's been so long since I've looked at children's books. These days I head straight to the non-picture book section. Perhaps one day when I have my own, I can be re-inspired. But for the mean time, I have a beautiful memory of a Peter Pan and Wendy book I owned as a child that had the most magically luscious drawings to go with. I'll have to dig it out!