Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Red Coat, Good Morning

I bought these shoes from Trustfund21 on Etsy. They're vintage and pretty. The socks came from Uniqlo, which has a large selection of colors to choose from. 

This coat came from Atlantis Attic, a good vintage shop in Brooklyn. The prices are reasonably affordable, and the selection to choose from is very well curated. The store is a part of an L Train vintage tour, which is a great shopping experience for anyone in New York City.

I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but my mother gave me a bunch of my father's sweaters that he didn't wear anymore. I love them all. I think my mother has really good, unique taste in clothes. She originally bought all of my father's sweaters from thrift stores, including this one.

I've been looking for jeans that sit at the waist (no low-rise, please), fit loose in the thigh and are narrow at the ankle. I can't seem to find them for a good price in regular stores, and even finding them at thrift stores is a challenge. These pair are pretty close to what I'm looking for, although I have an incredible urge to distress them a bit more. They've begun to tear a little bit at the knee (there was a rip already on one leg), though, so I may let nature take its course.

Lately and currently, the following thoughts are in my mind:
  • Seek to find. 
  • To get respect, you have to earn it. 
  • Time is money.
  • I have the power to choose how to live.
  • Brandy's Never Say Never is a musically innovative, incredibly well-produced album. I've been listening to it every day. "The Boy Is Mine" is a genius song with an absolutely stunning instrumental loop, and Brandy is one of the most creative singers I have ever heard.
  • I really, really love '90s R&B. Notable artists include Bell Biv DeVoe, D'Angelo, Sounds of Blackness (more gospel than R&B, but still...), Brandy (of course), Anita Baker and many more. 


  1. I love that sweater, David! And I agree that Brandy is under rated as a singer.

    1. Thank you, Nettie! Yes, she really is. She's incredible!