Monday, April 23, 2012

Brown, Browns

I discovered on Pinterest a great and simple idea for turning an old leather belt into a bracelet. Inspired, I took a super-long belt that I bought from the thrift store a few months ago, and decided to create my own bracelet. I made my bracelet a bit different from the image source I was inspired from, as I didn't want a buckle showing. Here's how I did it (it's really simple):

First, I grabbed my old belt and a pair of scissors.

Then, I cut off the buckle. I kept the stitch holding the piece of leather attached to the buckle in place, as my belt was braided and I didn't want it come undone. The stitch kept the braid in place.

Then, I took the end I cut and began wrapping it around my wrist. 

I didn't want the ends to show, so I tried to tuck them in as best as I could.

That its! I told you it was easy ;) Since there is no fastener to keep the bracelet in place, I had to readjust it a few times as a I wore it. For some reason I didn't mind this, though. It seemed to add to its charm. 

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  1. I love this fantastic outfit! Especially the the coat and your bag. Very vintage.

    The belt bracelet is a great idea! It looks good on you.

    I follow your blog a long time ago and I really like it. Your style is impressing, and the main thing that I like your blog is you can show your style. You are 'undertake' your style, and it comes through the internet by your blog.

    Sorry for my English, i am Hungarian and i just learn this language.

    Have a nice day! ;))

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Juci! I'm so glad that you are following my blog, and I appreciate your support.

      Thank you for also being a fan on my Facebook page. I notice your picture in your blogger profile :)

      I hope you have a nice day, too!

      - David