Tuesday, April 3, 2012

To Be Immersed...

The following are musical experiments with immersion. They are beginnings. Listen to them with headphones and close your eyes.

Take Me (Higher) by David Leon Morgan
Take Me (Higher) by David Leon Morgan

  I Wanna Go by David Leon Morgan

I want to go beyond beyond. I want to go there.

A new art/life movement is coming to the Bronx and beyond. The writing group that I am a part of agreed at our last meeting that this needs to happen. It does.

Suit jacket - Thrifted
Vest - Handmade by BurdaStyle
Shirt - Muji
Necklace - a 99 cent store
Belt - Thrifted
Pants - Thrifted

Be your full self. 

*Photography by Lisa Cunningham.


  1. this particular post is "YES" on so many levels. continue!

  2. fabulous: the music, the artistry, the photographs, the design

  3. Sad you are leaving BurdaStyle but so happy to have found your personal blog!!! LOVE your work!!

    1. Aww Debi, thank you! Yes, it is very sad, but I'm excited with what the future may hold. I'm so glad you enjoy my personal blog! :)