Monday, May 21, 2012

The Benjamin Bag

In a previous post, I showed a picture of a hat that I was in the middle of creating. Being a habitual multi-tasker (I'm working on fixing that), I set that project aside for a few months and created my Kim Shawl. Now that the Kim Shawl is completed, I resumed working on this project. Reuniting with it, I've decided that this hat-in-the-making is better suited as a bag. I have named it Benjamin.

The Benjamin bag, a work in progress.

An inside look at the Benjamin bag, with the remaining yarn to be stitched.

I am adding a little right triangle in the bag's design. I think I will add this to each order for this bag I get. I intend to sell it in my shop once it is finished.

I am adding a right triangle to the Benjamin bag.

The bottom of the Benjamin bag

This bag is similar to the "Process" bag I showed in my very first blog post. However, instead of having the strap wrap around the bag like that one, I am going to have a simple drawstring bag. It will also be unlined.

"The Benjamin Bag " by David Leon Morgan


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