Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Cotton clothesline is a great, durable resource that can be found at many hardware and discount stores. I used some of it to decorate a new lamp that I got from Target. 

In addition to clothesline, I also needed a large binder clip, scissors and a blunt embroidery needle for this project.

To start, use the large binder clip to fasten the end of the clothesline to the bottom of the lamp, leaving about 4-6 inches of clothesline hanging.

Start wrapping, making sure the wraps are snug and tight.

Just so you know, it may get a little bit messy.

Once you are about halfway to the top, you can remove the binder clip from the end. As you can see, I also pushed the clothesline as close to the bottom as possible. 

Secure the clothesline end by pulling it underneath the wrapped portion above it. You'll want to pull it through until you're about 4-6 inches from the bottom.

You may have to loosen the wrapped clothesline a little to get it through. Make sure you retighten it, though, as this is what will help to keep it secure around the lamp.

Once you're at least 4 inches from the bottom, cut off the end. 

If you'd like, you use a blunt, large embroidery needle to hide the clothesline ends behind the wrapped portions.

Once you've reached the top, secure the end by following the sames steps, pulling your yarn end 4-6 inches from the top, cutting the end and hiding the edges with a needle. 

Voila! You're done. 

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