Friday, March 8, 2013

Custom Crowns

I recently completed a custom order for a Pastor in Chicago who contacted me via Etsy. Her church is working on an Easter play, and she wanted a few paper crowns made that could rest on pillows. The crowns needed to sturdy and glittery, and in colors of biblical royalty (gold, silver, purple).

Here's what I made:

I used recycled cereal boxes as the base for these crowns, then decoupaged them with gold and purple paper purchased from Paper Source. Here is how one looked pre-decoupaged:

I then added glitter by using painter's tape to separate the area that I didn't want glitter applied. It created a nice, color-blocked effect. Finally, I applied an adhesive (one with Modge Podge, the other with Paper Source PVA glue) on the outside as a sealant and protectant. I actually prefer Modge Podge over Paper Source's PVA glue because it leaves a flat, matte texture without any stickiness. It was good to experiment, though. 

Check out my Etsy shop for more handmade goods, and vintage goods, too. If you would like to make your crowns, take a look at the tutorials here and here. You can also contact me for a custom order :) 

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