Monday, September 10, 2012

Present Rhythm

These are the things that I'm currently thinking about, in no particular order:

- late-night phone conversations that fill me with hope; that are filled with hope
- uncorrupted dreams
- wild ambition, the kind that kingdoms are built on
- movies that linger ("The Iron Lady," "Paris is Burning," "The New World")

- supreme knowingness
- the frailty of humanity.
- destiny
- halal food is amazing, but (I think) my face is getting fat
- imperfections
- acceptance (?)

- "mistakes" that could be impossible to correct
- fear
- money, and my current apathy toward it
- the implications of indifference
- the fear of a theoretical edge
- the fear of falling, but the uncertainty of where or what I may fall to if I do fall
- vulnerability
- the true meaning of freedom (I don't have the answer to this)

- success, and the amount of work needed to attain it
- happiness versus discipline
- Michelle Obama
- genuine spirits
- politics
- vision

- strategies for winning
- methodical mindsets
- unwavering conviction
- a trust in one's spirit

- swing-dancing
- hamburgers and red wine
- a quest for good beer
- family and family responsibility
- singing and vocal chords.
- jealousy
- power, and an imaginary throne
- an obsessive search for validation (why?)

What I'm wearing:
  • Shirt - thrifted
  • Scarf - thrifted
  • Jeans - vintage, from Rags-A-Go-Go
  • Shoes - vintage, from Vice Versa
  • Bag - thrifted
That's it.

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