Monday, August 27, 2012

Growth Takes Time


Life is an accumulation of moments; a slow, cyclical building. Isn't it profound to think about? Exhalation and inhalation. The stubborn progressiveness of life, in spite of tragedies that seem to halt us and loves that churn seconds into honeyed butter. Regardless of mistakes that break us, life does not stop to rebuild. It moves.

Accumulation, building and repetition (breathe in, breathe out) are things that I think about when working on my rug, my longest, ongoing project to-date. It is taking months to make this and I am not halfway done. It will be 75 inches when completed. Over 6 feet tall. Of those 75, as of Sunday, August 26th 2012 I have 15 1/2 completed.

Each row takes about 1 1/2 hours to complete. I do it mostly en route to work. The train is my quiet place, in spite of curious stares. I achieve as doors open and close.

I want this project to be the first of many large-scale creations that serve a purpose. Things that reuse and recycle; that puts discarded materials to good use; that confronts the human construct of waste. I want to help, and clean up. I want to understand, and be a reflection of that understanding.

I want to build, so I build.


  1. That's really nice. It strikes me as being a blanket however.

    1. Thank you! lol Yes, it does look like a blanket. It's too thick to be a blanket, though. The stitches are really tight, so it wouldn't conform to the body. Maybe I'll make a blanket next ;)