Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I bought this outfit, besides the socks, at Urban Jungle and the accompanying thrift store behind it this weekend in Brooklyn. I haven't worn sweats in a long time. They're so comfortable. 

Pepsi or Coke? I have no clue. Honestly, they both taste the same to me. I like this logo, though. It's like 1980s, Michael Jackson-era Pepsi. 

When I find a pair of shoes that fit and that I like, it's like I've struck gold. These are vintage Pierre Cardin's, and they fit so well. This was a magical find, especially considering that my right foot is about 1/4 of an inch longer than my left, or that scoliosis (which I have) causes my torso to push my right foot forward further than my left, giving me the appearance that it's longer. I don't know which one is true, and this is probably too much unimportant information for you, anyway.

I'm currently reading "Tar Baby" by Toni Morrison. This book is beautifully and powerfully written. It's immersive, with perfect transitions into small story lines that make up the larger one, like a river with streams or a tree with branches. Toni has such a poetic way of writing. This book feels experimental in its approach. It's not rigid. There are tangents and asides, but it all makes sense. It all fits. It's deep, too. The subject matters are complex, and it definitely gets you thinking.

I could go on and on...

I washed this outfit by hand, in a bucket in my tub. There was something so wonderful about this process. I need to do more hand-washing, and I need to wash with vinegar and castille soap more often. Vinegar is a great cleaning agent, and castille soap is just great, especially Dr. Bronner's.

I feel genuine. I am genuine, but I feel it now, too. I feel it's importance. It's like my soul is insisting that I be true to myself at all times. "All" is an overwhelming concept, and I don't know what it really means yet. I mean, I can't grasp it. Extremes like "all," "everything" and "nothing" elude me. 

I feel mentally distant, too, like I'm in a foggy field. I feel internal. To be honest, that's my comfort zone. 

I also feel vulnerable, but am happy with the idea that if I can resonate with someone/anyone, if I can echo their thoughts and if they can somehow connect with me, then being vulnerable is worth it.


  1. Looking good, David! I love Urban Jungle and the little tangle of stores near it.

    I'm glad you're in a good place with your vulnerability. Feeling that way, and feeling good about it, is still something that I struggle with.

    1. Thank you, Nettie!

      I definitely understand how hard it is to be vulnerable. I'm beginning to understand, though, that the world needs more vulnerability. We, as in humanity, need to connect on a deep, genuine and intrinsic level. We need to truly understand and be understood. The best and perhaps only way to do that is by removing barriers that keep us from showing our true selves.

      It's a struggle, for sure, but a good and necessary one :)